Humans Outsourcing Cognition to Their Personal Tech – What Does It Mean for the Future?

One of the fastest-growing self-help genres on Amazon happens to be books on how to improve your memory. Perhaps, people are getting older and they are noticing their memories aren’t working as well as they once did, and we do have folks reaching ages well above 90 in very large percentages. Then we have younger folks who notice their memories aren’t quite as good as they feel they should be. It’s not as if they are losing their minds, they just realize that often they can’t remember something, it’s much like that sensation of having the information on the tip of your tongue, but you can’t remember it. Okay so let’s talk about this for second shall we?

Over the years I’ve written a good number of articles on this topic, and surmised that one of the biggest challenges, and I think you’ll agree, is that our personal tech devices allow us to store information, and therefore we no longer have to memorize it. You see, while we are in school we spend a lot of time doing rote memorization, it is part of our education process, and it helps us increase our ability to remember things. However, out in the real world our personal tech devices store all of our important phone numbers, so we no longer have to memorize them. Some folks don’t even remember their own phone number, and if it wasn’t on business cards, their website, and other places which are quite handy, they would forget it altogether.

For instance, how many phone numbers can you remember of your closest personal friends and family? Think about that for a second. Now then, the very famous futurist, Ray Kurzweil, noted at the Singularity Institute Summit in 2012 that “we’ve outsourced some of our thinking abilities to technology,” and “technology has expanded our minds” and offered us new ways to think about things.

In other words, because we don’t have to remember these things, our minds are able to use that memory capacity for other things. In the future, it was also predicted by those that the Singularity Institute that you would not have to query a search engine, because it would always be on in and running in the background, thus, it would automatically search things and put up the information perhaps in your augmented reality glasses onto a micro computer screen very close to your eye so you could see it.

This begs the question; are we also going to outsource our brain capacity, reasoning, and even our ability to ask questions in the future, just as we have done with our personal tech devices memorizing phone numbers? I believe this is a distinct possibility, and it would also have me asking another question; will we use distributive human brain power to solve large problems by utilizing all the brains on the Internet, or perhaps in an interlocked system where everyone is communicating by thought, through their implanted or embedded devices in the brain for communication?

That scenario is actually likely, and it might not be far off. In fact, Google and other companies are already using crowd sourcing to solve large problems in this way. In the future if we are all connected and perpetually online as our brains are hooked up to the overall society and civilization system, then we can expect this to occur too. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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Over 60 Crowd the Fastest Growing Demographic for Mobile Personal Tech

It is amazing to sit in a Starbucks these days in the city and watch all the older folks running around playing on their smart phones and high-tech tablets. They are acting like kids again – isn’t that cool? Sure it is, and they are loving every minute of it, taking with their grandkids through text-messaging, and emailing their friends, golfing buddies, bridge partners, or fellow book club members. Amazing.

The other day I watched an older gentleman reading the newspaper on his all-color Nook E-book Reader, and he was practically giddy explaining all the features to me. Then there was another lady who had some cool looking iPhone Clone texting in her dinner reservations for Ruth’s Chris – very cool. Then an acquaintance of mine told me of his father and his new mobile computing and technology gadget;

“My father has undergone the tech-warp, going from a pre-paid wireless to an HTC EVO 4G, I’m actually rather surprised at the fact that he’s only managed to crash the thing twice this month since he’s owned. Also surprisingly is his current level of sufficiency with the device now..I even catch him behaving quite entrepreneurially’s rather satisfying and comforting.”

That’s totally cool. I was talking with a 70-yr old retired school teacher yesterday over coffee and tea – she has the latest iPhone, a Facebook page, tweets, and is happy as punch, fully engaged, having fun. It’s exciting to see her so animated and happy about the personal tech world she’s discovered there, it’s wonderful to see. Good stuff. And this is just a sample of what’s happening out there.

You see, these mobile technology and mobile computing personal tech devices are transcending age groups, barriers, and generations. Please consider all this and think on it – because seriously folks, this is way cool, you must admit.

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Writing Articles On Popular Personal Tech Topics

After writing a large quantity of articles on personal tech, science, and the latest discoveries and research it had occurred to me that somewhere along the line science in the news media got hijacked by all of our personal technologies in toys. Now then, don’t get me wrong, some of the new technology that we have, especially all this mobile technology is wondrous indeed.

It helps us do everything we do more efficiently, except perhaps drive the car while we are trying to use it, and please don’t. We don’t need you to run over a pedestrian or cyclist, or get into a head-on collision, or drive off into a tree or ditch. If you do that you won’t be able to write many more articles online will you?

Okay so, back to my point; it’s okay to write about personal technology and the science behind it, but there’s a difference between writing about scientific facts and discoveries, and the personal technology sector. If you’re going to write about personal technologies might I suggest some of the following subtopics, as they’ve done very well for me;

Smart Phones
Tablet Computers
Consumer Reviews
Mobile Technology
Mobile Payment Systems
Social Networks and Mobile Tech

What I’m saying to you is this; there is plenty to write about in this venue, and the category is large enough to include a tremendous amount of sub subjects and subtopics. If you choose to write about “technology” regardless of what type, you should remind the reader of the type of technology you are discussing in the first sentence and the title should reference it too – do not waster the reader’s time.

Is it a personal mobile tech device, or are you talking about alternative energy technologies for instance? Indeed, when it comes to alternative energy that in and of itself has just is many or more subtopics to consider. The same goes for those who write about hard science, there are so many subcategories, and so many offshoots and applications for all of these researched findings and discoveries that you could never finish.

As soon as you got done with one subtopic, you’d find yourself with several more new items to discuss the very next day. Consider if you will the value of writing on these types of concepts, the number of articles you could produce, and the number of readers you could enlighten. Might I suggest to you that it is rather “unlimited” in that regard?

Perhaps this is why I have chosen to continue to produce quality online content along these lines of affairs. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and listen to some of my advice here as you prepare the very best quality content on personal tech. The reader deserves the best, and you should deliver it, even as you realize you can never actually finish, because there will always be more to write about tomorrow.

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